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Sparks’ Promise:
In front of everyone, as a Spark of bright, I promise today
that I will protect the world from Them, as a Spark of bright!

... and they say that this will cure us once: Let’s take Freud, for example. Try to tell him or his followers that recitation of the director after Kingdom: ... in good and bad. In modern imperial psychiatry, it is a description of psyche, and physics. The psyche is simply an enumerative soul separated from the mother, and desire to spank someone is derived from physics. They will tell you: Everything is derived from the mother. Error! Everything, including sex, is derived from the instinct of self-preservation. What is not derived directly, it is derived as training.

Diag.: If we look at a mass murderer through the eyes of Martin Kreag, we will receive social training in the instinct of self-preservation against the Schrödinger's cat complex (which is a disease caused by too much concealment, perhaps even from the anthropological point of view).

Do not trust anyone and have a nice day.

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$75 bilions for USA for psychiatrist of M. Kreag for your beauty ;o) (USA, you may create more than one bad patient Freud)
Ferry-tail for USA: How to be at home. - Be home and don't solving problems in czeck family. Please, Cake is not good partner, for you, for a little stupid americans. Do you want know problem? What about your boats and Netera sub-marines? It is good fairy-tail. Not. So, don't be stupid and judge out our Zéman, who ordering you, for 11th of September (from cathing a king in 1968 in Prague - long fingers, isn't it?). Not me, little boys from U.S. Army. It is funny isn't it. Make misstake in psychiatrist and secret-servis - it is Freud, isn't it? NO! Thanks. Deal. One day of Freud - one boat. ¨ Thanks for your patient. Ataka!

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